Prepare your car for the winter according to Éric Auto used vehicle dealer in Saint-Eustache

In Quebec, the cycle of seasons reminds us that winter will be here again in no time. The joys of winter are aplenty, but one must take precautions to avoid car troubles.

Eric Auto, your used car dealer in Saint-Eustache near Laval and just a few minutes from Montreal, gives you the best advice for facing winter with complete peace of mind.

Know How to Prepare Your Car

First of all, winter tires are a requirement on every vehicle registered in Quebec during the winter season. This year's deadline was December 1st. When switching over to your winter tires, remember that it’s also important to check their condition. If you’ve taken this first step, you’re ready to hear our next tips.

Don't wait until the first snowfall to install your floor mats. They will be useful and will protect your vehicle throughout the season. You can find them in department stores.

It is also important to have a good snow broom with a scraper, which is especially useful after an ice storm. It would be wise to include booster cables and an emergency blanket in the trunk. Also make it a habit to leave a pair of warm gloves in your vehicle, in case you have to wait in the car in the event of a breakdown.

Another very useful tip is to check your battery. In cold weather, the battery is highly relied upon during start-up. It is recommended that you check the energy level in your battery and use an automotive battery charger if necessary. If your sensor indicates a low battery level and the battery does not seem to retain power, a new battery may be required. If this is the case, do not forget to dispose of your battery responsibly through your garage or at a designated disposal centre.

It is also suggested that you change the motor oil in your vehicle. Ask a mechanic if you are not familiar with the type of oil to use in the winter. During the cold months, thinner oil with a lower viscosity grade is often recommended – look for the letter W between the two sets of numbers on the bottle. For example, a 10W40 oil with a viscosity of 10W at start-up (cold) will maintain a viscosity of 40 at operating temperature. That being said, your owner's manual will tell you whether or not you should change the type of oil in the winter and the ideal viscosity level to use during the cold season. We advise you to follow the instructions in your manual to avoid any misunderstanding.

Finally, winter is a good time to tune up your vehicle by ensuring that you have enough fluids and good quality windshield wipers preferably winter wipers that are stronger and have better grip.

In short, preparing your vehicle for winter is not rocket science. All it takes is a little bit of planning and common sense. To avoid last-minute unpleasant situations, it would be wise to plan a visit to the garage and get a head start on the Quebec winter.

Eric Auto, a Well-Informed Used Vehicle Dealer

For many years, Éric Auto in Saint-Eustache, near Laval and only a few minutes from Montreal, has offered you excellent service for the purchase of your used vehicle. Since they’ve been in business for a long time, they know their clients needs inside and out, while keeping budget top-of-mind.

Come and discover their vast range of used cars in St-Eustache at the best prices in town, and leave in peace with the vehicle of your dreams. Éric Auto is a reference point for the used vehicle industry in Quebec.

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