Make the Best Summer Tire Choice with Eric Auto

With the start of the new season, you have to think about putting on your summer or all-season tires. This year, you can do it starting March 16, but it would be better to wait a few more weeks before doing so. Indeed, temperatures in March remain uncertain, so it is customary to wait until after the first week of April to change your tires.

Eric Auto, this used-vehicle dealership par excellence in Saint-Eustache, near Boisbriand, Sainte-Thérèse and Laval on the North Shore of Montreal, gives you a few tips to help you choose the right all-season tires.

Summer Tires or All-Season Tires?

In everyday terms, the change of summer tires marks the start of the new season. However, the actual name "summer tires" would be intended for sporty or very high performance vehicles and these tires are used for driving only in the summer, in hot weather.

The term "all-season tires" would be more appropriate nowadays. In fact, these tires are designed to be used year-round, but in Quebec, you can't use them in the winter. They are very useful in the fall because they are designed to perform even when the temperature drops. There are also winter-approved all-season tires. They are distinguished by their pictogram embedded in a mountain on the tire, which means that this product meets Transports Québec's requirements for winter driving.

That being said, the vast majority of the population uses 4-season tires in the summer and winter tires for the cold season.

To choose the right all-season tires, you must first know that there are tires for passenger cars (they are the most popular), tires for SUVs, especially for sport utility vehicles, and tires for light trucks that are better suited for this type of vehicle.

When you buy your next 4-season tires, we suggest you watch the price (generally between $110 and $150 per tire for passenger cars, $165 to $205 for SUVs and $165 to $255 for light trucks and large SUVs). Of course, this range is given as an indication only. In addition, ask your mechanic about driving comfort, road noise with a given tire, estimated mileage life, handling and road holding, wet and dry braking, hydroplaning, etc.

These few elements will give you valuable indications on the tire you should choose for the upcoming season as well as your garage's evaluation of the price and life expectancy of the tire. This data is important in the choice you make. In short, choosing all-season tires is not rocket science, but it does require you to consider key elements so that you don't have to put on new tires the following year because the tires you bought were not of good quality.

So know how to ask the right questions to Eric Auto, this long-time used car dealer. An expert in his field, he will be able to give you the right information about your next 4-season tires.

Eric Auto: An Advisor First and Foremost!

Before anything else, if you're looking for the best tire choice and an excellent quality-price ratio, you should come to Eric Auto, this used-vehicle dealership in Saint-Eustache, near Boisbriand, Sainte-Thérèse and Laval on the North Shore of Montreal. Not only does Eric Auto specialize for many years in the sale of used vehicles with a quality inventory of products, but he also advises you on the purchase of your next 4-season tires. He knows used vehicles inside and out and knows what tires you need to put on your vehicle.

Stop by now at Eric Auto in Saint-Eustache and enjoy the summer adventure with high-performance and durable all-season tires. Eric Auto, a sure value on the whole line for years.

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